Utah Head Shot & Glamour Photography

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Check out these stunning matted prints in a photo box.  Lora came over 2 days ago for some business head shots.  Isn't she stunning?

black and gold photo box
matted prints in a photo box
matted prints in a photography box headshot


Something Blue: Great Ideas for Adding a Hint of Blue to your Bridal Attire

Monday, August 18th, 2014

If you want to follow the tradition of having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue included in your bridal attire when you get married, you may find that adding your something blue can be a little bit tricky.  Most brides do not incorporate a lot of blue into their wedding dresses, but there are many cute ways to hide a little blue in your accessories.

A popular way to add a little blue is to have a blue garter.  Some women decide to spice up the wedding night with blue under garments. A blue bobby pin is a cute way to hide a little blue in your up-do.  There are many cute ways to add blue to the soles of your shoes.  You can have your bridal party write wedding wishes on the bottom of your shoes with a blue sharpie. Nail polish is a fun understated way to add some blue to your manicure or pedicure. Another popular trend is to embroider the inside of your dress with your wedding date or groom's name in blue thread.  Of course blue jewelry is always a popular option as well.  

Once you have all your "somethings" added to your attire, be sure to ask your wedding photographer to get some cute shots of your somethings old, new, borrowed and blue.

You've put a lot of thought into every detail of your wedding, make sure you have a photographer that cares about all the little things as much as you do, please contact us for amazing wedding photography in Utah.

by Opie Janzer


The Origin of Throwing Rice at Weddings

Monday, July 21st, 2014

We know about wedding traditions but never the origin.  We need to understand the history and the reasons why these time-honored traditions occur instead of doing it because everyone else is doing it.  One wedding tradition is throwing rice at a couple after kissing the bride.  It showers down on them as they exit the area.  One answer is the bridesmaids hated the dress.  While this rumor seems sensible, it isn't true.  Here's the real reason why guests throw rice at the happy couple. 

Throwing rice goes back to the ancient Romans who threw wheat.  Wheat represents fertility or childbirth.  During this time, dried corn and oats were thrown too.  The Egyptians, Hebrews and Assyrians continued the wheat/oats/corn tradition because of their belief that the couple will have a bountiful life.  The Middle Ages is responsible for replacing wheat with rice, which resembled fruitfulness in childbirth.   The Tudor era in England threw shoes at the married couple.  Tribal cultures believed rice brought the couple together in matrimony.  In addition to these traditions, throwing rice is believed to provide prosperity and keep evil spirits away from the bride and groom.  

Today's weddings don't make throwing rice mandatory.  It stopped because of the possibility that birds died if they eat the rice.  It remains an option for couples to consider because the possibility turned out to be false.  Because of slips, falls and painful impact, guests can also throw rose petals, flower petals, birdseed or blow bubbles at the couple instead of rice.  Some venues have banned rice because it makes a mess and guests don't clean it up after the ceremony.  Noisemakers, streamers and confetti are also acceptable alternatives at weddings.  Foreign countries will throw rice, wheat or candy at the couple.  Some weddings forgo the tradition.  There are no wrong answers. 

As the couple is showered with rice, petals or seed - or not, - it makes for a great wedding photo.  Walking down the steps or out of the wedding area with the groom in tow is what a park city utah wedding photographer can capture for your wedding album.  Contact us for more information.

by Opie Janzer

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Gold Edgy Bridal Photography

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Check out these stunning edgy gold themed bridal pictures we did!

Hair: Kali Wengreen
Makeup: Kristen Packard
Dress: Rent the Runway
Photography: OpieFoto

by Opie Janzer

utah wedding photographer gold bridal portraits
salt lake bridal photography wedding
gold wedding dress willow tree utah bridal photography
gold headpiece wedding gown utah bridal photography

Something Old... Antiques In Wedding Photography

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..." So goes the wedding mantra, and it is a wonderful touch for a bride to wear something that was her mother's or grandmother's, especially if they were particularly close, or had a very happy marriage. A groom may wear something of his father's or grandfather's for the same reason.

Antiques have a very special aura to them. They call forth a time when things were made to last. Rustic barns that have weathered the elements, taking both the good and the bad, are wonderful settings for antiques as they share that much in common; they have withstood the test of time. Likewise, a couple about to embark on the journey of marriage hopes that they, too, will last through the years.

Here are some ideas to incorporate the essence of things that were built to last into your wedding photography:


An antique "Regulator" clock is symbolic of the passing of time. A vintage clock that has faithfully counted off the hours for a hundred years or more is a clear symbol of a love that will last a long, long time.


Do you have your parents', grandparents', or even great-grandparents' wedding photos? Honor their memories and their own special days while commemorating yours as the latest to take that big step.


Antique furniture tends to be very solid, like you want your marriage to be. A sideboard, a bookshelf, even a loveseat all make for excellent props, backgrounds, or (in the case of the loveseat) seating for the newlyweds, calling to mind a quality to last the ages.


Sometimes you don't have vintage photos, furniture, or other, larger items. Perhaps all you have is your grandfather's pipe or your grandmother's shawl. These sentimental items can be used as subtle decorations set on a small table or draped over a chair. Just be sure to keep them as decorations and not as a focal point. It's all about you, after all!

Antiques harken to a time when things were built to last. They speak of durability and an ability to withstand the test of time. They symbolize everything that you want your marriage to be. If they happen to be personal family heirlooms, they mean that much more. Contact us to help get your wedding commemorated in a classic way!

by Opie Janzer

Something blue wedding bouquet utah photography


Red Butte Gardens Bridal Photography

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Heather wanted a classic and timeless bridal session at Red Butte Gardens.  We kept with the garden theme and focused on her stunning lace gown and the colorful flowers.

by Opie Janzer

lace wedding gown red butte gardenssalt lake city bride
utah bridal photography at red butte gardens pink flowerspink bridal bouquet red butte gardens
bride in garden salt lake city photographygarden bridals in salt lake citygarden bridals in salt lake city utah

The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

In order to be camera ready brides need the perfect wedding dress.  The dress must not only be beautiful but flatters figure.  The dress will be a constant reminder of your wedding day, and it's something you should look forward to every time you open your leather flush mount wedding album.  Find the one dress that brings out the best features of your body. 

  • Pear shaped or triangle figures have hips that are larger than their shoulders.  Pear shaped bodies need to choose something that will accentuate the top and hide the bottom half.  A-line, empire and ball gowns achieve this very well.  The flare part of the gown softens the bottom half to blend in with the narrow piece of the midsection. 
  • Hourglass bodies have the curvy feature too, but the bottom and top halves are equal in length.  You have the option of highlighting the bottom half, the top and bottom halves, or hide it all.  Ball gowns highlight the top half by hiding the bottom.  Sheath gowns hide all of it, creating a straight line.  This allows the curves to fall in place.  The mermaid (or trumpet) gown highlights both the bottom and top halves.
  • Inverted triangles or apple shapes have shoulders that are wider than their hips.  You need to eliminate the commanding top half while emphasizing the bottom half.  Ball gowns will do just that.  It will bring balance to the body.  Sheath dresses have the same effect.  Short dresses with flare at the bottom provide balance.
  • Boxed bodies like a rectangle have the same sized shoulders and hips.  The difference is the waist is not small; it's the same size as the shoulders and hips.  Dresses that fit your boyish figure include sheath, empire and a-line gowns.  All of them smooth out the rectangle shape and (thanks to the flare) creates a curvy shape for you.  Feel free to add a nice belt or string near the waistline to create the curve if it's not built in the dress.

Custom made, store bought, strapless, sleeves, sleeveless, Hollywood glamour, what shade of white to wear - some of the many dress choices you're going to make.  Petite or plus sized and tall or short, there is a dress for you.  It's all about choosing what you want to parade and what you want hidden.  It's a good idea to get it fitted to your body shape.  Pick a dress in your current size now and continue to have it fitted until your wedding day.  Your size may change between now and then.  Loose clothes give an illusion of adding pounds. Additional tips include shopping around, being patient, sticking to a budget, dressing for the location and wearing for style and comfort.  Don't shop for gowns after work or with an entourage. 

There's no reason to wear the wrong dress when there are many styles and designs to select.  It's an important piece of the puzzle that can be daunting at first glance but necessary.  When the dress is chosen, feel free to contact us for photography sessions, tips and tricks for your wedding day.

by Opie Janzer

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Red butte gardens bridals utahred butte garden bridal photography
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One Brand and One Strong Message

Friday, June 20th, 2014

For the past 5 years I've had 2 different brands - “OpieFoto” as the wedding brand and “Boudoir by Opie” as the boudoir brand. My company goal and mission statement has been the same for both sides of the business. I want to show women how gorgeous and confident they are right now in their life. The way that I give women this love for themselves is through my photography. I decided it was time for a change and to merge the 2 brands into one strong brand and message. I specialize in beauty and boudoir photography.

by Opie Janzer

OpieFoto Boudoir and Beauty Photography Brand Logo Utah

Wedding Favor Ideas for a Rustic Barn Wedding in Utah

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

There’s a certain charm when it comes to rustic barn weddings.  The simple, down-to-earth elegance of these weddings have a way of instantly putting the guests at ease so that they are free to relax and fully enjoy themselves.  So when selecting the wedding favors for your guests, why not choose something that truly captures that same rural simplicity?  Below are some easy handmade ideas for rustic style wedding favors:        

Mason Jar Mementos

For a sweet souvenir, fill mini mason jars with honey.  Then, attach a small honeycomb to the jar with a ribbon.  For another variation, fill the mason jar with jam or fudge sauce and add a spoon.  Couples can also create personalized labels with their names and a cute message for their guests.            

Burlap Sachet Pouches

These favors give guests the chance to take a bit of the countryside home with them after the party.  Simply, gather or purchase some aromatics such as potpourri or dried flower petals and place them in a small drawstring burlap pouch.  If the couple is feeling particularly creative, they can sew some lace for a lovely accent.       

Pie Pops

As the country cousins to the cake pop, these pint sized pies make a delicious and convenient treat for your guests who have to travel a long way.  Begin by preparing the pie filling of your choice and set aside.  Follow the standard recipe for the crust’s dough.  Roll the dough out on a cookie sheet and cut them into bite sized circle with a round cookie cutter.  Gently press a wooden popsicle stick on top of the circle so that its aligned with in the center.  Secure the stick to the circle by pressing some extra dough over it.  Add a small portion of filling unto the center. Place another circle on top of it and close the edges by crimping them with a fork.  Brush with some beaten egg whites for a glaze. Bake them at 370 degrees for 15 minutes or until they are golden brown.  Let them cool.  Lastly, wrap the top with cellophane and a ribbon as though it were a lollipop.       

Handmade wedding favors are a lovely way for guests to remember the great time they had at your wedding and if you're interested in having us there to capture those wonderful moments, please contact us.

by Opie Janzer

rustic mountain wedding ceremony

5 Scenic Venues For A Rustic Barn Wedding In Utah

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Are you planning a rustic barn wedding in Utah? Take a look at these beautiful venue locations for some inspiration and planning information:

  1. Wheeler Historic Farm, about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City - This gorgeous farm provides a picturesque setting for a wedding ceremony, reception, or both. Mountain backdrop, historic farming equipment and structures, and flexibility in planning options all make this venue ideal for those who want a beautiful view and choices in catering, decor, and entertainment.
  2. Green Barn Gardens, about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City - This simple and rustic setting boasts of bountiful gardens in season from May 1 through October 15. There are also many places for guests and the couple to wander along creeks or among forests. One neat offering by this venue is the free use of certain decor, backdrops, tables, and chairs!
  3. Kelley Creek Farm, Hunstville, Utah - Located about an hour north of Salt Lake City, this scenic and animal-friendly farm presents stunning views and nicely groomed lawns. There is also a pond -- perfect for photos, and of course the barn. Sheep are pastured nearby and may make some friendly ba-ahs for your nuptials or reception.
  4. High Star Ranch, near Park City - The well-maintained facilities at this rustic location provide guests with convenience and comfort in a farm-like setting. Mountain and lake views are aplenty, and dining options include outdoor seating or indoors in the quaint "Country Store."
  5. Rendezvous Ranch, near Park City - The gorgeous grounds and buildings make Rendezvous Ranch a nice location for couples who want a luxury setting with a rustic feel. The views overlooking the lake and mountains are breathtaking and majestic, so photo opportunities are abundant. All-inclusive packages are offered, making this an easy to plan location.

Once you've booked your rustic barn venue, contact us for your engagement, bridal, and wedding photos.

by Opie Janzer

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