Christmas Boudoir Special

Monday, November 4th, 2013

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boudoir: sexy halloween costume

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Does your man fantasize about coming home from a long day at work to find you answering the door wearing a corset and high heels? Or maybe when he sees you cleaning the house with no make-up, hair pulled sloppily into a ponytail, wearing sweats and an oversized t-shirt, he closes his eyes and envisions you sporting a little French maid's outfit complete with fishnets and black spikes standing on a chair waving a feather duster ever so delicately as you stretch to clean the ceiling fan?

Are you too shy to incorporate sexy outfits into your regular wardrobe?

If you are shaking your head yes, thinking thatís me, I may have just the right recipe to bring a little sexy into your life. As Halloween presents the perfect time for you to step outside the box or dare to deviate from your usual attire, I have a wide selection of boudoir: sexy halloween costume ideas to make your manís trick or treat memorable this year.


How about being a sexy kitty on Halloween? Picture yourself in thigh high boots, a fitted, leather mini skirt with a leopard skin tank top and just enough extra make-up to compliment a wild hairdo that is completely out of the ordinary for you, complete with a headband with ears.


Think red hot, like the little devil you can be only on Halloween, of course. Think scarlet red stockings, matching leotard with a complementary, glossy sash draped around your waist and arm-length, red velvet gloves that harmonize with your devilís horns and bossy pitchfork to boot.


Picture the most prim and proper, stylish yet conservative, safe taupe-colored trench coat that fits snugly enough to show off your curves, while leaving a little bit to the imagination about what is underneath it all. Maybe balance your gal Fridayís outfit with a coordinating fedora or detectiveís floppy hat and attach those handcuffs to your coat belt positioned to create a slit that shows just enough leg to reveal a naughty, garter belt when you take a stride.


The notion of cleaning house will not enter his mind when he sees you in a freshly pressed, crisp black and white, classic French Maidís outfit featuring a skirt so short he can see the gareters holding up your stunning, thigh-high jet-black fishnet stockings. Let your hair cascade down to frame your dewy make-up alluring enough to invite temptation.


Remember the Jeannie in the bottle who made her masterís wishes come true with the spirited nod of her head? Think belly-dancer with frilly, risky blouse tied in bow at your bosom, puffy parachute pants and erotic turban on your head. Add sensual, smoky make-up and respond to your manís wildest commands almost on demand with a wink of your eye and bob of your head.


If you went to private school as a girl, you probably remember turning the waist down in your skirt to make your uniform just a little bit sexy. Recreate those teenage years and feed his fantasy of that bad school girl with a button-down blouse secured the whole way to the collar, standard ascot, and perfect, pleated, plaid skirt, matching knee highs, with patent leather shoes. Do not forget to add simplicity to the sensuality with  minimal make-up and classic pony tail.

If you want to surprise your sweetheart with a sexy halloween costume, please contact us to find out more about the outfits, professional make-up and themed Halloween ideas we have.

by Opie Janzer

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Miss M

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Mercedes booked my bombshell photo shoot and added on shooting with a vintage car outside.  She had a ton of different looks for her shoot.  After the shoot she purchased an 8x8 album with a photo wrap cover and 45 of her favorite images inside.  Check out just a few of my favs from the shoot.

by Opie Janzer

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Halloween Boudoir Mini Session Speical

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Halloween Boudoir Mini Session Special

Salt Lake Boudoir French Bedroom Photography

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Check out some of the photos coming out of my new french bedroom set I'm offering at the boudoir studio.  We now have TWO bedroom sets for you to shoot in for your boudoir pictures.  The original bedroom set is the black and red bedroom.  The new bedroom is french boudoir themed with dusty rose pink drapes, a french bed crown, a stunning carved ivory bed from England, champagne and ivory bedding.  Finally, we have another chaise lounge but this one is hot pink.

For the "Juliette" photo shoot we went with a white bustier bridal lingerie and a stunning floral hair piece.  Her lip color compliments the dusty rose colored drapes.  For the 2nd outfit we went with a nude colored bustier and added in some pretty pink roses for a pop of color.

by Opie Janzer

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New French Bedroom Set!

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

I'm so excited to announce that the new french bedroom set is ready for photo shoots!  We are still waiting for the stunning carved cream french bed but the wallpaper, french bed crown, rose pink drapes, and hot pink chaise are all in the room and ready for pictures.  This cream and pink french themed bedroom set is a great addition to the already popular red and black bedroom set.

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Miss C

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Check out Miss C's sexy boudoir pictures.  I love the black and white one on the bed and her gold corset was stunning!  Classy and sexy.

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Salt Lake Boudoir Photography

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Check out Jeanette's sexy boudoir pictures we shot in my studio located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Hair and makeup done by the talented Kristen Packard.

salt lake boudoir photographysalt lake boudoir pictureutah boudoir photoutah boudoir photographyutah boudoir photographysalt lake boudoir photographer


In Person Viewing and Ordering

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

In Person Viewing and Ordering

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I'm no longer doing online galleries for ordering boudoir pictures and am now doing in person orders.  As a boudoir client this might seem like a disadvantage but it's actually a very big advantage and here are the reasons why.

1.  Same Day Viewing!  - Right after your boudoir session I process your pictures while you go out and eat some lunch.  When you come back you'll view the entire set as a slide show. 

2.  Lightroom is faster than an online gallery! - We sit down together and you pick your favorite images by saying "Yeah, I like that one!" or "Hrm, Maybe" or "No, delete it!".  I'm flagged these on the computer in Lightroom. This super fast on the fly flagging is not available in any online gallery since web browsers are slower at displaying images.

3.  Side by side comparison - Often times there are 2 or 3 shots that are similar.  In Lightroom I can put these images side by side so you can quickly pick your favorite one.  This means you won't be having similar photos in your boudoir album.  You'll end up with a better variety of images.

4.  Advice and feedback on images - Often times you'll end up liking 60 images but you want to purchase an album with 25 images.  This means you need to pick your top 25 images and remove the rest.  This is really hard to do alone and often times people will break down and not decide on anything.  This is where I offer up help and advice in picking the top images for the album.

5.  Retouching and Editing - We can discuss what you want me to retouch and edit for the images you select for your album.  It can be something in general where I'll do it for all images or some images you want more editing done.

6.  You can view products in person! - With online galleries your only able to see a photo of the product you want to purchase but if your placing your order at the studio then you can pick up the product and look at it in person to make sure it's the one you want to buy.

7.  You get your pictures faster! - Since I'm processing your photos the same day as the shoot and your ordering right afterwards then you'll have your boudoir album in your hand within about 1 week after the shoot.

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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

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