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Christmas gifts ideas for him: Five unique items that will knock his socks off

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

You want to find your man a gift that expresses how much you love him, but also shows that you know just what he likes. Those are both pretty tall orders, especially with all the choices that are available. If you really want to make an impact this year, consider one (or all) of these five awesome Christmas gifts ideas for him.

  1. Boudoir Portraits - Let that beautiful seductress inside you come out to play with intimate, classy photos of you. It's the perfect way to warm your man up this holiday season add a little spice to your relationship. His favorite lingerie or something new just for the occasion, high heels and your gorgeous self, what more could a man ask for?

  2. Digital Guitar – Most guys, at some point, dream about being a famous guitar playing rock star, so give yours the chance this season. He'll love the gTar Digital Guitar because it feels and looks like a real guitar, but it plays through his iPhone or speaker system. It's even got LED guides so he can learn to play his favorite songs!

  3. Drone Quadcopter – Men love the idea of James Bond and all the intrigue and danger that comes from being a spy. Satisfy his urge to see what's going on with his own surveillance drone. The DJI Phantom Quadcopter will be his new favorite toy and it's the kind of gift that just keeps on giving throughout the year.

  4. Man Crates – Your man will really love getting a crate full of unique gifts from snacks, gadgets, man gear and even video games. offers the most manly version of the gift basket that you can imagine. You can customize a crate or choose from one of their prepared crates. No matter what's inside, each one has to be opened with a crowbar (included).

  5. Craft Beer - After a hard day at work, your guy would love to kick back and relax with one of the selections from a Craft Beer Club shipment. This club will deliver 12 stunning craft beers of his choice right to his door each and every month. These brews come from small independent breweries and are available as traditional bottled beers and even hand-crafted canned beers.

No matter what you decide to get the man in your life this Christmas, the best gift is always your time and attention. That's why our number one choice for a gift for your man this year is Boudoir Portraits. Contact us to find out more about this utterly personal gift idea, we've got some fantastic ideas.

by Opie Janzer

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